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Table 1 Inherent properties and example applications of conducting polymers

From: Recent advances in ion sensing with conducting polymers

An inherent property of conducting polymers with dopantsApplications
ChargeBatteries or capacitor materials [2]
Optical absorptionElectrochromic displays [3]
Reactivity of electron–hole pairsOrganic light emitting diodes (OLED) [4]
ConductivityAntistatic foils and electronic devices [5]
Structural change and volumeActuators [6]
Ionic conductivityMembranes [7]
BiocompatibilityTissue engineering applications [8]
Equilibrium potentialCorrosion protection [9]
Diffusion and adsorptionCompound release [10]
Work function, generation of electron–hole pairsComponents of organic solar cells [11]
Electrochemical reaction sitesElectrocatalysis [12]