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Fig. 5

From: Noble metal-free two dimensional carbon-based electrocatalysts for water splitting

Fig. 5

a Synthetic process of SHG. (i) Powder of mixed melamine and nickel sulfate complex with KCl by ball milling. (ii) Structure of 2D Ni-KCl@SHG in situ grown from Ni@KCl and KCl seeds after annealing treatment. (iii) Well-defined structure of SHG after etching with the Ni@KCl and KCl seeds, followed by additional annealing treat. b Schematic representation of SHG. c Scanning electron microscopy (SEM) image of SHG. d Polarizations curves of SHG during overall water splitting. e Overall water slitting demonstration of SHG in a two-electrode water splitting device by chronopotentiometry at a given potential of 2 V. f O2 and g H2 collection process with displacement of water. h Bubbles generated during the overall water splitting process. ah Reproduced with permission from Ref. [91]. Copyright 2016, Wiley-VCH

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