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Table 3 Summary of noble metal-free 2D carbon-based electrocatalysts for overall water splitting

From: Noble metal-free two dimensional carbon-based electrocatalysts for water splitting

MaterialSynthetic methodElectrolyteOverall potential versus RHE (V)References
NFGNsChemical method1.0 M KOH1.90[90]
Ni@NCAnnealing1.0 M KOH1.60[66]
NiFe/NCPyrolysis1.0 M KOH1.58[183]
N-graphene/CoOSolvothermal1.0 M KOH1.58[184]
DRPCTemplate1.0 M KOH1.53[117]
N-carbonCPT0.1 M KOH1.82[118]
CoO/NCPyrolysis1.0 M KOH1.55[151]
CoP/NCAnnealing1.0 M KOH1.73[147]
CoP/rGOAnnealing/phosphoration1.0 M KOH1.56[138]
CoP/rGOPyrolysis1.0 M KOH0.47[145]
Co-BNCCarbonization1.0 M KOH1.68[180]
CoP/NPMGCarbonization1.0 M KOH1.60[149]
NiP/CElectrodeposition/phosphoration1.0 M KOH1.63[146]
VCN@Fe4N/FeOOHAnnealing0.1 M KOH1.60[153]
NiFe-LDH NS@DGSuspension1.0 M KOH1.50[156]