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Fig. 13

From: Supercapacitors with alternating current line-filtering performance

Fig. 13

Reproduced with permission from Ref [81]. Copyright 2016. WILEY–VCH

a A schematic and b SEM image of an rGO-bridged V2O3/VOx core–shell nanocomposite structure as an electrode for fast PCs; c Bode plots and d Ragone plots of supercapacitors fabricated from hydrogen-treated and as-made nanocomposite; Reproduced with permission from Ref 80. Copyright 2014. WILEY–VCH. e cross-sectional SEM image of TiN-50 (scale bar: black 1 µm and white 100 nm); f volumetric capacitance versus the scan rate at 20 and 50 nm; g frequency-dependent phase angle for TiN-20, TiN-50, AECs, and an active carbon supercapacitor; and h volumetric energy density as a function of the scan rate.

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