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Fig. 3

From: Supercapacitors with alternating current line-filtering performance

Fig. 3

Reproduced with permission from Ref [64]. Copyright 2016. Macmillan Publishers Limited

a Schematic of the fabrication process for an laser scrbed graphene (LSG) micro-supercapacitor; b a tilted-view (45°) SEM image shows the direct reduction and expansion of the GO film after exposure to the laser beam, scale bar (10 mm); c the impedance phase angle versus the frequency for LSG-MSC compared with a commercial AC-supercapacitor and aluminium electrolytic capacitors; d volumetric capacitance of an LSG-MSC and a commercial AC-supercapacitor; e Ragone plots of LSG-MSCs compared with commercially available energy-storage systems; Reproduced with permission from Ref [63]. Copyright 2013. Macmillan Publishers Limited. f Direct femtosecond laser writing of rGO/Au microelectrodes; g areal capacitance as a function of the scan rate (inset shows a magnified low-scan-rate region); and h Bode plot of impedance of the rGO-based MSCs.

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