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Table 1 Representative results of supercapacitors with AC line-filtering performance

From: Supercapacitors with alternating current line-filtering performance

Electrode materialsElectrolytePhase angle at 120 Hzf (kHz) at − 45°\(\tau_{0}\) (ms)\(\tau_{RC}\) at 120 HzSpecific capacitanceReferences
VOGKOH85200.05265 μFcm−2[60]
VOGKOH~ 90 32.830 F g−1[81]
ErGOKOH844.20.171.35283 μFcm−2[9]
GO filmH2SO4  13.3 125 F g−1[85]
EOGKOH824.03 0.2050.72 mFcm−2[86]
EOGKOH8312 0.1100.6 mFcm−2[88]
NHGKOH81.21.2 0.2030.956 mFcm−2[89]
GO@CNTNaSO481.5 0.820.19662 μFcm−2[14]
CNTH2SO4811.4250.7010.1991.202 mFcm−2[30]
SWCNTTEABF482.21.995 0.5010.564 mFcm−2[71]
GOMC/CNTTEABF480.01.01.0 0.56 mFcm−2[70]
Carbon spongesKOH78 0.370.32172 mFcm−2[73]
PENOT:PSSH2SO484 0.590.15994 mFcm−2[75]
PiCBAH2SO4/PVA733.620.270.8334.1 Fcm−3[19]
Ti3C2/PEDOT:PSSH2SO4/PHEMA/PVA79.11.410.7090.290.56 mFcm−2[76]