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Table 2 Orthologous coral skeletal proteins in the present work and previously published

From: Optimization of skeletal protein preparation for LC–MS/MS sequencing yields additional coral skeletal proteins in Stylophora pistillata

NCBI Accession Number Annotation gi (NCBI) Gene model id RNA id Acropora digitifera skeletal proteins (Takeuchi et al. 2016) Acropora millepora skeletal proteins (Ramos-Silva et al. 2013) Stylophora pistillata skeletal proteins (Drake et al. 2013)
ACE95141.1a,c Carbonic anhydrase 190710633 NA NA    SeriatoporaSp_g7349; mapped to ACE95141.1 (EU532164)
PFX18785.1a,c Mucin-4 1263122270 NA NA aug_v2a.09809.t1 JR987773 AGG36340.1
PFX30903.1 Hypothetical protein AWC38_SpisGene4292 1263134737 NA NA aug_v2a.06327.t1 JR972076.1 AGG36350.1
XP_022779720.1b,c Vitellogenin-like 1270036141 gene3329 rna4552 aug_v2a.08856.t1   AGG36347.1, AGG36349.1
XP_022780690.1a Skeletal aspartic acid-rich protein 2-like 1270037961 gene4012 rna5498 aug_v2a.11068.t1, JT001945.1, aug_v2a.01441.t1, aug_v2a.01440.t1, JT004498.1, JR991407.1 JR991407.1, JT004498.1 AGG36358.1, AGG36357.1
XP_022780694.1a CUB and peptidase domain-containing protein 2-like 1270037969 gene3981 rna5452   JR970990.1  
XP_022782398.1 Skeletal aspartic acid-rich protein 1-like 1270041141 gene5242 rna7162   JT001945.1 AGG36357.1
XP_022783415.1a Coadhesin-like isoform X3 1270043038 gene6099 rna8310 aug_v2a.05945.t1 JT016638.1 AGG36341.1, AGG36335.1, AGE45658.1, AGG36343.1
XP_022786918.1a,c Major yolk protein-like isoform X2 1270049598 gene8661 rna11721    AGG36338.1
XP_022788227.1a,c Hephaestin-like protein 1270052030 gene9579 rna12971 aug_v2a.24015.t1 JT019463.1  
XP_022794122.1 Galaxin-like isoform X2 1270063049 gene13931 rna18823 aug_v2a.18631.t1 JR976690.1  
XP_022794736.1 MAM and LDL-receptor class A domain-containing protein 2-like 1270064196 gene14425 rna19450 aug_v2a.09968.t1, aug_v2a.09969.t1 JT011118.1, JR994474.1 AGG36355.1, AGG36356.1, AGG36345.1
XP_022796981.1 Uncharacterized skeletal organic matrix protein 8-like 1270068394 gene16153 rna21699   JT014391.1 AGC24391.1
XP_022796982.1 Uncharacterized protein LOC111335364 1270068396 gene16156 rna21701    AGC24391.1
XP_022804012.1a EGF and laminin G domain-containing protein-like 1270032917 gene2104 rna2853 aug_v2a.15580.t1, aug_v2a.06123.t1, JR980881.1, aug_v2a.24512.t1, aug_v2a.06122.t1 JR980881.1 AGG36344.1, AGG36352.1
XP_022806326.1a ZP domain-containing protein-like 1270085816 gene23405 rna30870 aug_v2a.07627.t1 JN631095.1 AGG36346.1
  1. Gene ontology categorization is represented as aECM/transmembrane and protein modification, bmembrane processing, and cvesicle/secretion and metal binding