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Fig. 10

From: Supercapacitors with alternating current line-filtering performance

Fig. 10

Reproduced with permission from Ref [78]. Copyright 2016. The Royal Society of Chemistry

a Schematic for the fabrication of PEDOT-MSCs; b SEM image of the as-prepared PEDOT thin film; c phase angle versus the frequency of the PEDOT-MSCs compared with a commercial AEC and conventional PEDOT supercapacitor; d areal and volumetric capacitance of PEDOT-MSCs at a current density of 35 μA cm−2; e Ragone plots of Li thin-film batteries; carbon- and metal oxide-based MSCs, and PEDOT-MSC; Reproduced with permission from Ref [77]. Copyright 2015. Elsevier. f Schematic of the fabrication of AT-PEDOT:PSS; g SEM images of an AT-PEDOT:PSS/graphite foil composite; h frequency-dependent phase angle curve of a AT-PEDOT:PSS-based supercapacitor; and i plot of specific areal capacitance as a function of frequency.

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